“We purchased a puppy from you almost a year ago named Titus. We just wanted to send you an updated picture of him and let you know that he is probably the best puppy we’ve ever had!”

Oberon 8 weeks

Oberon – Male


Hero (Sheba) 3 weeks – Female

Sheba 6 months

Sheba 6 months                                                                      Sheba is the pup we kept from the 2010 litter.  We hope to   breed her to Tucker if all the instinct tests and hip exrays pass muster.  She is is a joy.  Very mellow, eager to please, smart as a whip and  has a big alert bark!  We plan to take her herding this fall,  which will help evaluate her herding instinct.  If all goes well,  her first litter will be spring 2013




Girls are amazing. They come and sit so good! Cady loves to sleep on her back and Hattie loves to chew on her ears. Naughty girls. We love them dearly and they are such good girls.

Still working on potty
training, but the comes, sits, and stays are working. They are great
companions to us and to each other. Of course, there’s digging in the mud,
finding coyote droppings and chewing on any available object. But what is
puppy hood without those things?

Hattie (Beatrice) – Female

Cady (Adriana) – female
 Titus Male

Titus Male

Demetrius – Male
puppy 1 birth

puppy 5 birth

puppy 7 birth

puppy 8 birth

puppy 9 birth

Roxie delivered 9 healthy  puppies on Sat. Oct. 2nd.  There are 5 males and 4 females  all little black and white butterballs…………pictures will follow.







We are expecting  puppies out of Roxie and Cash early October.  Roxie is showing signs of pregnancy!  Applications are being processed now.  Please email me if you are interested in a puppy.

17 Responses to “2010 Puppy updates-Roxie/Cash 10/2”

  1. Bruce Olson Says:

    We have been looking for an English Shepherd female puppy for some time. We keep on putting it off as our other dog, a german shepherd/collie mix. We were originally thinking of an ES for a companion dog for her. Our other dog, a Border Collie had to be put down because of a rare hip problem. Our mixed breed girl is getting on in age. Then things just got busy.
    I work for the Dept of Ag and my wife and I live a one acre in Cashmere. Really no neighbors close-by, so lots of room to roam. We have a pasture, but haven’t had any animals on it the past few years. That might change next spring. We do have a small flock of chickens.
    We are looking for more of a companion dog than a strictly working dog. Medium energy. Inside sleeping. Hiking activities, etc…
    Will you please let me know of your puppies arrival? PS – How much do you folks want for a female? We don’t have any plans for breeding, but definitely want a female.


    1. We are looking for a female Engliah Shepherd to breed our male English Shepherd to. We would not breed until the female is atleast 18 months old. If you would like, and we get a puppy from you we would reserve a puppy for you. Up to 10 years ago I raised Newfs but my wife thought they were to big so I got a English Shepherd who was the best dog I have ever owned.
      We live in rual Thurston County about 13 miles from Olympia with a neighbor who is a professional dog trainer of boarder collies and shepherds.

      1. maplebrookfarm Says:

        Hi, I am happy to hear from someone interested in breeding these wonderful dogs. I will send you an application via email, if I can figure out how!

  2. Margo Evers Says:

    I have been looking for an English Shepard puppy for this fall.
    I have been dogless since my German Shepard died (old age) 2 years ago. I have redefined my dog search and decided an English shepard would suit our farm well. I loved my German Shepard, but something a little less obsessive compulsive would be a nice change.
    We have 5 acres of river front, some poultry and cats. We have a well fenced 1 acre around the house. I could use a dog that would put the fear of Dog into the local deer population.
    Let me know when the puppies are born.

    Margo Evers

    1. maplebrookfarm Says:

      puppies were born yesterday! 9 little black and white butter balls. I hope to receive the puppy application back soon and will set up a telephone appt. with you to answer any questions……

  3. Debbie williams Says:

    I am very interested in becoming a happy home for one of your ES pups. We have 5 acres in Gig Harbor,WA where she(I’d like a female) could enjoy our woods, our pasture, our garden, our chickens and our horse. We have a 3 yr. old Corgie female, also, who might need winning over, but will probably love a friend to run and play with. I am looking forward to hearing when the puppies are born!
    Friendly Regards,

    1. maplebrookfarm Says:

      you will be one of the first to hear when they are born. In fact you are on the doggy mid-wife list for my mom to call if necessary!~

  4. Bart and Suzanne DeStephano Says:

    I think it must be fate. Eleven years ago my wife and our two kids went to just “look” at a english shepherd puppy litter. It was a long drive to the farm. The trip home was allot shorter. The puppy we went to look at spent the entire ride home in my sons and daughters arms. By the time we got home my three year old son had named him and that puppy found a permenant place in our hearts.
    What was love at first sight has matured into an inseperable bond.He has become the best dog I have ever known.
    Now he is ready to help us pass on his training. We are all ready to raise another fantastic puppy to adulthood.
    We saw your listing and it must be fate.We would love to have a puppy from this litter to raise. Sincerly the DeStephano family.

  5. Bart and Suzanne DeStephano Says:

    I hope you recieved my heartfelt email. It didn’t stay up on my screen.

    essentially we really want to raise another english shepherd puppy. Our current english shepherd is 11. He could be allot of help.

    thank you Bart

    1. maplebrookfarm Says:

      Hi Bart, thankyou for your interest in the ES. I have sent you a puppy application through email and look forward to talking to you soon. sherie

  6. Jessica Goble Says:

    Hello. I was wondering if you had any female puppies still up for adoption. My husband, 3 year old daughter, and I would like to have a 2nd dog. We currently have a frenchy but he is more my cuddle buddy and my husband wants a best friend of his own. Our daughter would like a big dog for her 4th birthday that doesn’t sleep all the time. haha. Please let me know if they are still available, pricing info, and possibly any pictures you may have. Thanks a million.

  7. maplebrookfarm Says:

    Hi Nancy, presently have a what? talk about a clif hanger…….LOL

  8. Nancy Louise Says:

    We presently have a lovely, hard working, chief farm hand/English Shepherd. His assistant, a rescued Border Collie, has recently retired because of age related issues and we need to bring in a new trainee. We would prefer a female with no or little white.
    We raise (@300) sheep and a few chickens We would love it if you could send an application.
    Thank you.

  9. Jack Rasmussen Says:

    Had to put our Husky/Collie cross down two years ago at age 15. Finally feeling like we might get another.
    We are empty nesters on 12 acres with 8 horses, two cats and quite often a gaggle of grandkids (all under 12). My wife runs and I ride so a dog would get plenty of excercise not to mention just being free to roam the acreage. Would be interested in filling out a puppy questionnaire.


  10. Pamela Sneed Says:

    Seen your ad in the capital press. Was interested in your puppies.We have a ES of our own. She is 10 years old.We lost our 12yr old ES this past spring.we have 5 ac. 30 goats live here,so we can use another helper around here. Please send infor.& prices. Thank you Pam

  11. Kathy Thill Says:

    Hi! We recently lost our ES after 14 years, such a sweet dog.
    We will be looking for another, may be coming to WA state to visit hubby’s mother the end of March.
    Wondering if you have any pups available?
    Thanks for your time and care,

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