Pez 5 months

Pez 5 months

Frodo 8 months

Frodo 8 months

I am SHOCKED, but pleased to announce the arrival of 8 black and white puppies – on June 19, 2013 from the long awaited breeding of Roxie and Tucker.
Serendipidy litter: Since these puppies are sweet, we decided to name them after candy. Female one = Tootsie Roll, Female two = Kit Kat, Female three = Spree, Male one = Juju, Male two = Frango, Male three = Pez, Male four = Heath, male five – Twix
Puppies 7 weeks old…..

Puppies 5 weeks old…..

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


4 Responses to “2013-Puppy Updates: Roxie/Tucker 6/19”

  1. Becky Bergman Says:

    Do you have any pups left?

    1. maplebrookfarm English Shepherds Says:

      Hi Becky, I have sent you a private email……sherie

  2. Edy Kizaki Says:

    Hi, we are interested in a puppy, 2.5 acres on Bainbridge with chickens and goats…. do you have any left?

    1. maplebrookfarm English Shepherds Says:

      Hi Edy, I believe all the puppies are sold. The last two will be picked up this weekend. I just heard of a litter due in September in Northern CA. I can send you the info if you like? I Also know of a planned litter in Brier WA, just north of Seattle, in the spring. sherie

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