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Sheba & Nelson

Sheba and Nelson

6/8/2016 UPDATE:

DNA tests are complete and ALL THE PUPPIES are Nelson’s!!!!!  Which means none of the puppies are related to Tucker.  It is not uncommon when doing a dual sired for litter for all the puppies to be fathered by one or the other sire…..very interesting.

We are expecting a purposely dual sired litter the end of April 2016.

Dam: Maplebrook Farm’s Sheba

Sire #1 is a repeat with Windshadow’s Maplebrook Tucker

Owner’s description :
Tucker became part of our family in Nov. 2006.   He has herded sheep at a nearby sheep farm and has a natural instinct for it. He has a good “grip” which in my novice understanding of herding means he bites the sheep correctly in order to control them. He earned his Jr. Herd Dog title with my daughter as his handler.  The trainer  says he has a natural rate – meaning he independently
slows down and does not rush the sheep –  He also has a good wait, stay, go, come.
He is very protective of our farm, but immediately stops his alert bark when we call him to a sit stay and introduce him off leash to visitors. He usually greets them with a big ES grin.
He is a large, broad, solid dog with a goofy side to his personality. It has definitely been worth the wait for him to mature and take life more seriously. He is a devoted member of our farm and a great guard dog.

Sire #2 is Green Mountain’s Nelson, owned by Joan McClenny of Blueberry Hill English Shepherds in Seattle, WA.

Owner’s description:  Nelson, a clear sable English Shepherd, is a bundle of happiness!  If he were in school, he’d probably be the class clown!  However, he’s serious and committed when there’s work to be done.  He’s our loyal, gentle and fun “shadow” who always makes us smile! Nelson passed his herding instinct test with sheep.  Canine Good Citizen Cert.
Puppies will be DNA’ed to determine sire
6/16/2016  Puppies are 7 weeks old ~ temperament tests completed and the matching process has begun.  I will make final decisions by Sunday.  Such an exciting time.  Here are their 7 week old pics:
6/8/2016  Puppies 6 weeks old.  They have all been wormed and will be getting first immunization this week.  playful, happy, pups!

Random puppy pics:


6/1/2016  5 weeks old.  I apologize for the poor quality of the pics this week….took them on my phone.  Puppies are so active it’s hard to get a good shot and it’s has been quite the week!
5/26/2016  Puppies 4 weeks old!
5/18/2016  Puppies are 3 weeks old already.  Today they went outside for the first time.  They loved the grass.  I took them 4 at a time in a laundry basket!  Each group of four lasted about 10 minutes….they still mostly sleep and eat.  I did put a couple different sizes of cardboard boxes in the puppy pen for them to explore.  All are doing well and are 2.5-3 lbs already.
5/11/2016    Puppies are 2 weeks old!  Their eyes opened last weekend and they are beginning to   toddle around.  Lots of barks, growls, squeeks and yelps as they find their voices and begin to interact with each other.  To be honest,  they mostly still sleep and eat.  They are being handled every day and it is so fun to look into their eyes now.   By the way,  Puppies are impossible to photograph unless they are sleeping…..:)
**************************PUPPIES ARE HERE!!!!!!!*****************************

4/27/2016  I am happy to announce the arrival of Sheba’s beautiful litter this morning, April 27, 2016. Eight vigorous, healthy puppies arrived between 11 pm and 3 am…..I an thrilled to have such manageable size litter this time. There are 2 males both tri-color, 6 females…1 tri-color, 1 black and white and 3 sable and 1 either very dark sable or possibly a seal color.  Their call names will be mountains on the west coast of North America.

All the pups are doing well and so is Sheba. She is so happy. The other dogs will meet pups in a week or so, but kitty has already been in several times to say hi and Sheba goes on high alert…..such a good mommy.

DSCN0123 (3)

Puppies 24 hrs old.

DSCN0146 (2)

Whistler : Tri, male


DSCN0161 (3)

Denali : Male, Tri-color,

DSCN0158 (2)

Siskiyou : Tri, female

DSCN0164 (2)

Shasta : clear sable, female

DSCN0156 (2)

Constance : clear sable, female

DSCN0142 (2)

Juneau : Seal, female

DSCN0148 (2)

(Saint) Helen : black and white, female

DSCN0145 (2)

Sierra (madre) : sable, female

3 Responses to “2016 Puppy Updates Sheba/Nelson 4/27”

  1. Anne Hanke Says:

    Are puppies still available? I was very interested!

    1. Maplebrook Farm English Shepherds Says:

      I have sent you an email Anne…..thanks

  2. Anne Hanke Says:

    Thank you for the e mail. Can you give me a new update? Is Sierra still available or St. Helen? Thank you for your website and photos. Anne

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