Hercules New Born  Hercules 24hrs

Herc2 christmas2011                                                                         Hercules Christmas 2011 = 2 yrs old


herc                                                    Hercules 18 months old


 Gig at 6 weeks


Gig at one year: “she is a beautiful girl and doing great. She is doing very well with her search and rescue training. I expect to have her certified by the first of the year, pretty big accomplishment, smart girl”  May 2011 update : “Gig is doing well in all regards. We have been on a few searches and are now training for our cadaver or human remains certification, she loves it”


Gig Search and Rescue certified at                         17 months old.  Way to go Gig!




Ella 24 hours


Ella 1 yr “Ella (Delphi) is doing great, she is very gentle and athletic and has been putting the chickens away at night and keeping predators out of the yard and warding off grizzly bears on hiking trips.. She has fit perfectly into the family and has been very trainable. We are thrilled with her.”


Panda is doing great! We’ve joined a local UKC Obedience Club, taken the beginner’s class, and are currently taking a CGC prep class.


               Puppy update:  All 8 puppies have been sold and have been placed with their forever homes.  Apollo is with a family in north eastern WA, Orion (now Case) is living on a hay farm in Eastern WA, ( 5/2011 update:  Sad news,  Case was gravely injured while working cattle and had to be put to sleep, My deepest condolences go out to his family.  As sad as this is,  Case was doing his job – and what he was bred to do.  A working dog is at higher risk, but it does not make it any easier as they become part of the family ) Penny (now Tilly) lives with a family on Vancouver Is. British Columbia, Delphi is way up north in Yucon, Canada, Rhea (now Gig) lives in CA and is training as a Search and Rescue dog, Pandora leaves for CA today. Hercules was placed on a local pig farm right here in Port Orchard and Cassie went to live with a family near Seattle  

 Tilly (Penny) 2 weeks old



 sherie’s album 2009-10-11

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– sherie
Roxie kept me up off and on Friday night and waited until I was home alone Saturday to start delivery.  The first pup came at 10:45 and the last was born at 3:20.  All went well,  there were two breech,  but came through fine.   She is an awesome mom

 Rhea 24hrs

Puppy # 2   Malepuppy2Apollo24hrs


puppy #4   female  Delphi


Puppy #5 Female Penelope  “Penny”puppy5Penelope24hrs

Male:  Puppy #7  Orion Hercules 24hrs

 Puppy #8  male
” Herc”
September 8, 2009 I just am so excited to share what the vet told us today at Roxie’s X-ray.  She is carrying 8 puppies!  that is a quite few more than we had guessed.  She is carrying them so low,  she has never been extremely wide, but boy is her tummy low to the ground!
Today is day 57,  so she could come as early as Saturday (according to the vet) or as late as next Tuesday…….
Can you tell we are EXCITED?

August 2009 We are now expecting puppies in September 2009.  After much advice from experienced breeders and our vet,  we decided to breed Roxie to Cash a 2nd time.  Since she only had one pup in February it was decided that she would not be at risk if we did a back to back breeding.  Cash is moving to CO. and we wanted to take advantgage of  his close proximity for one more breed before he moved.  Roxie is getting quite round,  so I think there is more than one puppy!  I plan on taking her in for an exray to count noses (er back bones) 1 week before her due date of September 14th.  More updates coming soon.

April 2009 Theo weighs 12 pounds on our home scale!  He is almost as big as the chickens,  and probably weighs more than most of them. He has been introduced to chickens, goats and kids, bunnies and seems to love them all.  He does have a healthy respect for the horses.   He is spoken for and will be going to his new home in Monroe,  WA on April 16th.Congratulations Geri~

Theo 6 weeks - look how he carries his tail.

Theo 6 weeks – look how he carries his tail.

Theo meeting the chickens -6 weeks

Theo meeting the chickens -6 weeks

Theo and Stella

They both wiggle so much it is hard to get a good shot of the two of them!theo-4-weeks

Theo is 2 weeks old and weighs 4 lbs and is 13 inches long.  wow.  He is definately getting enough to eat.  LOL.  He is alert and active and can walk around on all fours,  but will occassionally revert to a belly crawl.  He is also beginning to find his voice.  He lets us know when he is lonesome,  but he is not spoiled or anything.  haha.  We are currently accepting applications for him.  We prefer a working home,  but will consider companion situations.

Theo 2 weeks old.   Such a wiggle worm.

Theo 2 weeks old. Such a wiggle worm.


2/21/2009 Roxie delivered one BIG male pup Saturday night.  He was 9 inches long and weighed 1 lb.  He is so cute!   1/23/09  Roxie is starting to show and her appetite has increased.  I am adding an egg to her dinner each night and offering her a mid-day snack with a bit of tuna juice or milk over her dry kibble.  She is especially needy lately.  I can’t even go to the bathroom by myself!  She is my constant shadow.  I think we will have her whelp in the laundry room, as opposed to the un-heated garage.  I will probably be spending a lot of time sitting next to the puppies and I don’t want to freeze.  Plan on moving the pups to the larger whelping box in the garage when they are a couple weeks old.

1/19/09  Roxie had her ultra-sound today and her pregancy is confirmed.  The vet saw 3 puppies,  so it looks like we will have a small litter .  But,  we are so excited and look forward to PUPPIES! arriving at Maplebrook Farm.

1/13/09 I have made an appointment for Roxie to have an ultra sound next week to confirm her pregnancy and hopefully get a puppy count. This will be a good thing to know when she whelps.  Her milk veins are more prominant than before,  but otherwise she looks very much the same.

sherie has shared photos with you.
Here is an album of the puppies at 2 weeks. They are really developing personalities and becoming more active and interactive with us and each other. Enjoy! – sherieYou’re eligible for free shipping*

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Reminder: – You can save these photos after viewing them by creating a free Kodak Gallery account.

roxie/cash pups 2 weeks (1 album)

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