Sheba, Tucker and Roxie (L to R)

Sheba, Tucker Roxie 2012

Tucker and Roxie

Roxie spring 2007

Roxie spring 2007

Peaslee’s Maplebrook Roxie – DOB 12/15/2004

Breeder:  Mary Peaslee      Owner:  Sherie McMullen

duel registered UKC & ESC – OFA  Good


Roxie joined our family in February 2005,  she is out of Peaslee’s Penelope Ravenpaw from Shepherds Way, owned by Mary Peaslee; Her sire is ‘PR’ Porter’s Cyrus Jim, now named Dance and owned by Connie DeBusschere; .

Roxie is patient and kind. She is quick to learn what we want and is always watching us with her expressive eyes.   She is gentle with the chickens,  but determined to keep them in their pen.  She is dominant over Tucker our male ES, she is the leader in their relationship and has refused to accept him as a stud.  She loves people and rarely barks – except when she is herding sheep!  Then she is very vocal.  I am told this will tone down as she becomes more experienced. She is a lovely example of the devotion these dogs show towards their family.

Tucker in the snow Dec. 2008

Tucker in the snow Dec. 2008

Windshadow’s Maplebrook Tucker       DOB 9/3/2006

Breeder: Diana Bratton           Owner: Sherie McMullen

Dual registered: ESC & UKC                 OFA -Excellent


Tucker became part of our family in Nov. 2006. He is a very different example of the English Shepherd breed. His build is much stockier and more powerful than Roxie’s sleek form.  His face is blocky compared to Roxie’s long nose and more feminine features. He is just over 2 years old and is coming into his own.  He took a little longer to mature than Roxie (could be a boy thing, LOL)   He is now my daugher’s constant companion, helping her with chores each day. He has started herding sheep at nearby Packleader Farm and has a natural instinct for it.  He has a good “grip” which in my novice understanding of herding means he bites the sheep correctly in order to control them.  It has definately been worth the wait for him to mature and take life more seriously.   He is a devoted member of our farm and a great guard dog.

31 Responses to “Our English Shepherds”

  1. marilyn Says:

    After reading your grp email, I clicked on here. Wow!! Tucker and Nicki are really the same type and color except that she has small blaze up her face. She is a chunky one with substantial bone and also a blocky head. Good to find another similar ES. Now does personality follow type?

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I didn’t realize you are the same lady who gave my older kids farm classes 5 years ago!! I have a daughter who is 5 still, but I am afraid I will forget to call you next spring….do you send out reminder notices for sign ups?

  3. john lively and family Says:


    I am trying to find your online application
    if it is still available. I did print a hard
    copy some time ago and will mail that if it is

    My daughter Casie was in a youth group with your daughter and Janna Miles last year. She actually heard about your puppies through the girls after you had corresponded
    a few times.

    Since we are so close I wondered if it would be acceptable to pay you and the puppy
    family a visit at your convenience. I think
    it would be good for you to meet all of us
    and have a chance to interview us in person.

    I hope this works out for you and look forward to meeting you. Feel free to call
    if it is convenient for you.

    Thank you for the e-mails and pictures.

    John Lively and Family

  4. dcsailor Says:

    What cute dogs! I just love my english shepherd and I’m an absolute breed convert now…

  5. Beverly Says:


    I have been admiring how Tucker has grown into such a lovely ES.
    What is his pedigree?

  6. Dean Hyden Says:

    Greetings Sherie,
    I am currently researching the English Shepherd breed to enlist as a member into our small farm. We are not necessarily in the market yet, but would like to actually meet somebody who has these dogs in a farm setting. I would like to observe their herding style and get to know their personality and temperament.
    I currently live North of Spokane but will be traveling to Marrowstone Island this Wednesday 10/27 to winterize our place there. I would be grateful for the opportunity to visit with you about this breed and see if it would be an appropriate dog for our family.
    Thank You,

  7. Kathy Ellis Says:

    Hi, I would like to talk about, and/or get on your list for Spring 2012 puppies. I’m searching for an English Shepherd now and if I could choose what state I found my new friend it would be Washington, since there are no breeders in my state, CA.
    Thank you.

    1. maplebrookfarm Says:

      Hi Kathy, I will send you an email and we can chat……sherie

  8. Hi there! Looks like you are going to have puppies in 2012? I’m looking for an ES for my 20 acre farm on Whidbey. Primarily as a guardian dog for chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs etc…Don’t have anything bovine-related for them to herd (at least at the moment). But understand they are a great all-around farm dogs which is what we need. Thank you!

    1. maplebrookfarm Says:

      Hi Georgie,
      Sorry it took a couple weeks to respond to your comment. Yes, we plan to breed and have puppies late spring 2012. I would be happy to put you on the wait list to be contacted in 2012 when pups are on the way. I do have an application process, but look forward to speaking to you on the phone as well. You are correct, ES’ are a great all-around farm dog. And, I am always happy when my pups get to stay in WA. sherie

  9. Karen Says:

    Hello, I have been doing some research on the ES breed and I’m trying to find out if this breed would be well suited for a family lifestyle. We do not own a farm so the dog wouldn’t be ‘working’ and I’m worried that a daily walk might not be enough excersise. Could you please let me know if you agree/dissagree?

    Thx! Karen

    1. maplebrookfarm Says:

      Hi Karen,
      Thanks for your interest in English Shepherds. I will send you an email with some links in case you have not found my recommended sites yet. In short, I have placed puppies in pet homes…I go through a matching process and choose the puppy that best meets your needs based on an application you fill out. I would never place a pup with a high interest in stock in a pet home, but I have had some laid back, relaxed puppies who had little or no interest in stock and have done well placed with families with an active life style. These intelligent, independent thinking, problem solving dogs need to have a job of some sort….This is all covered in my interview and application process….hth, sherie

  10. Susan Wilmoth Says:

    Hello! I have a mixed breed 2 year old who is totally an English Shepherd. His dad is somewhere on the rural south hill. But our dog is incredible. I would love to learn more about our local English Shepherds; they might be my dog’s dad! We are in agility class, but I’m thinking he would love herding. We have our acre, and my Ajax is an incredibly warm family dog. Great with children, cats, other dogs (even cranky ones). Please feel free to contact me to share more. Thank you! Susan Wilmoth, Rural south hill, 509-536-1601

    1. maplebrookfarm Says:

      Susan, I sent you an email.

  11. Hi Sherie,

    I am sending you a puppy application, but I also have a few questions for you. Best to post them here or should I email you? I can’t seem to find an email address for you . ..


    1. maplebrookfarm Says:

      I sent you an email. Thanks for the inquiry! I would love to answer any questions you may have regarding my English Shepherds. sherie

  12. Carrie Russell Says:

    Hi Sherie: I have rescued two English Shepherds and I’m looking for a female to keep my male company on our farm in Tumwater Washington. Our older female passed away in May and he has been very lonely. Do you know of any young female dogs that might be available?? I would appreciate any information you might have.
    Thanks for your time
    Carrie Russell 360-438-1873

    1. maplebrookfarm Says:

      Thanks for your note Carrie. I suggest you contact the National English Shepherd Rescue if you are interested in an older purebred ES…. I have a planned litter due this October 2012 if you are interested in a puppy, please send me an email to request an application. Thanks again. sherie

  13. Teresa Hulett Says:

    Hi Sheri Just talked to Mary Peaslee and she suggested getting ahold of you. Am looking for an ES female puppy. We have always had a rough collie, but lost our 14 year old one last month and decided to try a new breed. After seeing an ES at a petsmart then researching the breed, I think an English shepherd would be a great fit.How do I contact you to talk over acquiring a puppy from your upcomig litter.Thanks Teresa Hulett

    1. maplebrookfarm Says:

      Hi Teresa,
      I’m emailing you with more info….sherie

  14. Gary Jacobson Says:

    We rescued a two year old English Shepherd, Sissy, and she was a real “mess”. She was suffering emotionally and had little peace. It is a testament to the breed that Sissy responded so well to loving care and to access to the things that ES’s need to be happy. She’s now our happy shadow. Never one to take advantage of our love for her. Polite and respectful, and maybe even grateful. I know we are grateful for having been introduced to ES’s. Please send me an application. It will be mostly for our edification as there are breeders within a day’s drive, and we won’t be ready for another year or so. I am interested in knowing what you consider the important points to ensure your puppies are well placed. Maybe we’ll learn something by reading the application that could benefit us and Sissy.

    1. maplebrookfarm English Shepherds Says:

      Hi! you can find my ES puppy application on the home page of this website…there is a link after the first paragraph. I will also try to send you an email. Thanks for your intereste and Sissy sounds like a special girl. sherie

  15. HI, I LIVE IN ENGLAND ,i have a black & tan welsh collie who is the double of a english shepard.

    1. maplebrookfarm English Shepherds Says:

      Hi Pauline, You may be interested to know that there is a breeder of English Shepherds in England…she has imported her dogs fairly recently….here is her website…

  16. Miguel Says:

    Hi! I ‘m interested in one puppy (preferably male). Are you expecting to have any new puppies soon? Thank you! Miguel

  17. Jan Hurd Says:

    We are interested in getting a puppy in the spring and would like to know more about your dogs. We live in Poulsbo and lost our absolute best dog who was an ES/ Border Collie cross a couple of months ago. We think it’s really important to meet the parent dogs so it’s nice that you are not that far away. Jan Hurd

    1. maplebrookfarm English Shepherds Says:

      Hi Jan, I apologize for the delay in responding to your comment, I may have emailed you previously…..please let me know if you would like to come out and meet my dogs. Sincerely, Sherie

  18. Par Tobiason Says:

    We are researching whether an ES would be a good fit for our family. First time dog owners, 2 kids almost 13 and one 10. We live in Bothell, WA. Melinda referred you to us.

    1. maplebrookfarm English Shepherds Says:

      Hi there, I thanks for your interest in my English Shepherds…I will send you an email. Sherie

  19. Merel Molund Says:

    Hi Sherrie This is Merel Molund We talked about a dog several years back now my circumstances have change I have inherited a 4-her whose family life is less than stable the girl is a 4.0, bight as a tack wants to climb into the ES ring looking to bring a new family member into our lives can my 4- er and I have a meeting with you?

    1. maplebrookfarm English Shepherds Says:

      Merel, so good to hear from you. I emailed you and look forward to catching up!

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