Puppies are expected  October 2012.   English Shepherds are a unique and rare breed of farm collie. Consistency in training and having clear rules and who makes them is the key to reaching your goal of  being master of a dog that is a pleasure to own, a wonderful family pet and full working farm partner. Our goal is to find the best homes for our puppies and we have their best interest at heart. If you would like to be considered for a puppy,  please email me at Sheriemcm@aol.com for a puppy application.

Dam: Peaslee’s Maplebrook RoxieOFA Good

Breeder: Mary Peaslee         Owner: Sherie McMullen

Black and White


Pedigree : https://maplebrookfarm.wordpress.com/puppies-2009-roxie-cash/roxies-pedigree/



Breeder: Judy Hughes
Owner: Sarah Budde

Pedigree:  http://www.caledoniamission.org/pedigrees/pedigrees/Cash.html

4 Responses to “Roxie/Cash Info -temperament/pedigree”

  1. Maria Says:

    What makes these dogs different from Aussie’s or Border Collies? Will they get along with children, other dogs and chickens?

    1. maplebrookfarm Says:

      The English Shepherd is an active, energetic dog, very intelligent with a calm, gentle nature. One difference between ES and Aussie’s or Border Collies is their herding style. Genereally, ES work with an upright, loose-eyed style. Another difference is their “off switch”, herding is just one of many instincts they possess. English Shepherds have been bred to be an all-purpose, working farm dogs. Their responsibilities have ranged from herding and protecting stock, to dispatching vermin, guarding the home, and watching over children. The unique ability to handle all types of livestock and a variety of tasks is the defining feature of this breed. They are independent thinkers and problem solvers. They like to enforce the farm rules. This dominance and bossiness is
      what makes ES such great farm managers, but also one of the things that makes them a “not for just anyone” breed, because without careful training and clear rules, it can translate into problem behaviors in more mainstream social situations. Another is their natural reserve with strangers and instinct to protect “their” person and territory. In the right setting, with the right training and a job to do, ES may be the perfect dog.

  2. Nancy Wooton Says:

    I’m remembering an old song… “The waiting is the hardest part…”

  3. Nancy Louise Says:

    What expecially love about my Engllish Shepherd is that he does not bark at nothing. If he barks there is a reason. When the situation doesn’t change, he watches quietly. It is simulaaar to how he greets people to the farm, bark a “wecome” and settles into quiet but attentive mode.

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