Sheba and Tucker

Sheba and Tucker



We have recently had some genetic tests run on Maplebrook Farm’s Charlotte (aka Tess) who is aSheba and Tucker 2015 pup.Collie eye anomaly, Degenerative myelopathy, Progressive retinal atrophy, Progressive rod-cone degeneration and MDR1 – all tested NORMAL/CLEAR

055Windshadow’s  Maplebrook  Tucker     65 lbs.

MDR1:   Neg/Neg

OFA – Excellent

 ESC and UKC registered
earned his Jr. Herd Dog Title
Bred by Dianna Bratton          Owned by Sherie McMullen
Tucker became part of our family in Nov. 2006. Compared to our first ES, Roxie, he is a very different example of the English Shepherd breed. His build is much stockier and more powerful than Roxie’s sleek form. His face is blocky compared to Roxie’s long nose and more feminine features. He is my daughter’s constant companion, helping her with chores each day. He has herded sheep at nearby Packleader Farm PACK LEADER and has a natural instinct for it. He has a good “grip” which in my novice understanding of herding means he bites the sheep correctly in order to control them. He earned his Jr. Herd Dog title with my DD as his partner. The trainer at Packleader says he has a natural rate – meaning he slows down and does not rush the sheep – even if Beth doesn’t stop or ask him to, he will control himself and “rate” the sheep. He also has a good wait, stay, go, and come.
He is very protective of our farm, but immediately stops his alarm bark and we call him to a sit stay and introduce him off leash to visitors. He usually greets them with a big ES grin.
Maplebrook Farm’s Sheba

60 lbs.

MDR1: Neg/Neg

OFA – Fair

ESC and UKC registered
Owned and bred by Sherie McMullen
Sheba is one of the calmest dogs I have ever met. She would love to be a “house dog” and enjoys coming inside to join the family. Sheba is not really interested in herding. She did pass a herding test ~ and does try to move the goats and horse off the fence when she gets a chance….horse completely ignores her, but the goats move away. But herding is not her passion. She loves to hunt and kill any rodent she can find. I caught her twice now pouncing on and eating in one gulp, a song bird at my feeder. I have explained to her in no uncertain terms that they are BIRD feeders NOT dog feeders and have not witnessed any more song bird murders. She is allowed and encouraged to chase any crows from the yard. She does love to alert bark at the slightest sign of danger….she made better decisions about alert barking near two years old, and I will investigate if she barks at night. What joy she takes in that big deep bark in the dead of night. She also enjoys barking to announce the arrival of a delivery truck or other visitor, but will quit barking and come to me or kennel whichever I command with no trouble. She loves everybody she has met to date, other dogs? not so much. She raises her lip in a really kujo type snarl when meeting a new dog ~ once the initial snarling is done, she is friends for life and romps and plays with them. I have totally enjoyed her personality and she is perfect for my small mini farm.

4 Responses to “Tucker and Sheba Temperament/Pedigree”

  1. Miguel Says:

    nice couple!

  2. Shawn Cunningham Says:

    I saw your information on and reading over all of it, it seems to me the litter due this month should be amazing. Both dogs are beautiful and sound like great companions, im sure their litter will be the same. I am looking for an English Shepherd for when i get back from deployment. If you could please email me at with information on the litter and maybe some pictures when possible it would be greatly appreciated. Take care. —Shawn Cunningham

  3. Felice Says:

    We are planning ahead to add a new pup to our family. We have historically had BCs and now have a female BC, Monroe. We lost herbrother about 6 months ago. He was our daughter Ellie’s dog and this was a hard loss for her and for all of us, as he was only 4. Well it would have been hard at any age.

    Ellie is ready for us to start looking for a new family member. We have met other English sheparda and think one might be a great fit. Ellie is an active 11 year old, great handler and has always had a dog as a companion. Our BC who passed was a big guy with a big heart. He slept with Ellie, went with her everywhere he could and with me to agility. He was great with our family.

    With all that we are wondering if you are planning on another litter. We live out in maple valley and would love to visit when you do.

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks, Felice

    1. maplebrookfarm English Shepherds Says:

      emailed you, Felice.

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