I am currently taking reservations for 2018  Poultry and Goat classes.  For more info email me:   sheriemcm@aol.com

        Does your child love animals? Do they want to learn about farm animals? Farm Animal Classes are offered to children between the ages 5-18. I don’t advertise much and they are very limited….word of mouth is my main source of referrals.

2014 Sheep classes were a lot of fun this year! The ram lamb was born 2/24 so everybody got to meet him.2013_12110007  We learned about sheep husbandry, Lambchop refused the bottle,  but everyone got to pet him and learned about docking tails.

***No Sheep classes this year….2016

2016:   I’m building Poultry classes for 2016,  chicks are expected the week of April 18th specific class time to be determined. Each session runs for 3 weeks approx. 1 hour class per week. The poultry class starts as soon after the chicks hatch as possible so the children can see how fast the chicks grow, from fuzz to feathers in 3 weeks, it includes gathering eggs, holding the chicks, and some eggsperiments as well as looking at bird nests and feathers.
Children who have taken all my classes often say the Poultry class was their favorite…..let me know if you would like to reserve spots for your child.

I will also be offering a Goat class mid Aril, 2016.  My goat, Trillium, is due to kid  and the goat class will begin a few days before she is due with an introduction to goats (I also have a wether and a buck) with the 2 other classes held after she kids. The kids are with their mom undisturbed for three days (minimum) before the second class can be held. That gives me time to allow the kids to nurse and get a good start including the all important colostrum and to introduce a bottle so the children can bottle feed. The last class is learning to milk and making cheese so my doe needs to have been in milk for at least 2 weeks….so dates/times are not determined yet. I think she is due the 4/1-15 – so will build classes when its a little closer.First child is $50 for three classes – siblings are half price or $25 for three classes, siblings under 5 are free….I call them “tag alongs” and they participate as much as their attention span allows. Limited to 6 children per class, sibling discount offered. Flexible times/days. Located on the Key Peninsula.sherie

 If you are interested in your child taking a class, please email me with days/times that would work for you – I like to build the classes around your schedule. I do have basic information I teach in each class, but they are very much child led and I look forward to sharing our mini-farm with your children.
I should mention that we use our goats for dairy – your child will have the opportunity to try some pasteurized fresh goats milk as well as the cheese we make together. The sheep we raise are meat sheep (Suffolk) and we will be discussing where our food comes from although I won’t go into the slaughter/butcher process, I don’t hide the fact that the lambs will be eaten.
If you have any questions, please email me ! Thanks!
Call: 253-857-7429   or   Email: sheriemcm@aol.com




5 Responses to “Farm Animal Classes”

  1. Hollaway family Says:

    Sherie, nice work here. My kids loved the farm classes. They loved making the cheese and always enjoyed handling the baby chicks. Good practice for when we get more animals on our future homestead. Maplebrook Farm is a fun place to visit.Blessings
    Tammy and kiddos, AJ, Katie, Sarah Grace and Isaia

  2. Dawn McGarvey Says:

    I saw your post on HIK and am interested in your goat class for my three daughters, ages:12, 12, and 14. We live on Bainbridge Island so I’m not sure if it will be feasible for us, but I wanted to find out more. What day of the week will you be holding the class? I am also interested in your curriculum cottage and browsing your shelves maybe an appointment could coincide with one of the classes.

  3. Sandie D Says:


    I am interested in the goat class for my 3 kids 7,13 and 18. We also live on Bainbridge Island. I also wanted to know what day of the week and time? Maybe we can coordinate with the other family from Bainbridge?

  4. Mimi Bleecker Says:

    Just sent you an email. Looking forward to the classes. My daughter is going to love your farm. I am so happy and thankful you offer these classes. Children thrive with hands on learning.

    1. maplebrookfarm Says:

      It was lovely meeting you and your daughter today. I hope you learned alot about Dairy Goats. sherie

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