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Maplebrook Farm
Nestled in the woods in a picturesque setting with a welcoming English garden wrapping around the front of the house lies Maplebrook Farm; Sherie McMullen’s continued expression of her labor of love. At only 5 acres, Sherie’s farm fits together like a cozy puzzle; idealistic pastures for sheep grazing, industrious poultry pens and raised beds where strawberries, green beans and swiss chard gets their start.

Farming since 1980, Sherie has used her farm as an outdoor classroom for her 4 homeschooled children taught in the Charlotte Mason model. She has also held kids classes in goat husbandry, teaching them how to milk, process the milk and how to make cheese. With kids grown, those days are gone, as are the goats. Though still up to teaching kids classes or using her property for varied rental options, county restrictions has put some of these yearnings out of reach for her but she is still looking for that perfect fit of small farm and the people that appreciate and want to learn about them.

In the meantime, Sherie is working to get her carrots off to a good start, already having to redo them three times. (Ugh!) Yet on the other hand, her raspberries don’t need any help as they find places to lay down roots outside their designated space. (How dare they!)

This year, from the end of June through October, look for Sherie to bring green beans, tomatoes, swiss chard, plums, pears, strawberries, raspberries and hopefully carrots to the coop. We all know the one thing Sherie does well are eggs. At this time of year, her 25 chickens, 20 pullets and 3 roosters are producing 8 to 12 dozen eggs a week. Her goal this season is to concentrate on what she can do well, paring down the variety and focusing on the quality and quantity.

Sherie also raises sheep to keep her farm pastoral as they peacefully groom the vibrant green grass. Her ram and three ewes add a few extra lambs each season, so feel free to talk to Sherie if you are interested in buying a whole lamb.

Enjoy a few photos of Maplebrook Farm and that hopefully provide a glimpse into her patch of paradise.


6/15/2016    My first week as an approved vender with Fresh Food Revolution produce co-op.  I sold raspberries, strawberries, chocolate mint & tangerine sage.