Looking for a quiet spot to enjoy a cup of tea. Does your child love animals? Do they want to learn about farm animals? Plot to Plate gardening? Nature Notebooks or Shakespeare?  Come out to Maplebrook Farm for some hands on learning!

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Maplebrook Farm is located on the beautiful Key Peninsula. We are in a  rural setting off the beaten path at the end of a mile long gravel road. You will find yourself surrounded by a tree tunnel on your way in. The deck overlooks pastures, a barn and plenty of woods. It is a quiet, peaceful retreat for your small group. If your family includes children who would like to learn about farm animals, or gardening – come out to Maplebrook Farm for some hands on learning! PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR A CUSTOM PRICE FOR YOUR STAY. Sleeps 6-8.

The space

Maplebrook Farm is a small, working farm. The rental space is located on the second floor and consists of 3 private bedrooms one bathroom, living room and kitchenette. Custom pricing per group.

 Contact me at Sheriemcm@aol.com for a custom price for your group.    Maplebrook Farm airbnb

           1 Bedroom – $80 per night   sleeps 2

           2 Bedrooms – $120 per night  sleeps 4

          3 Bedrooms – $150 per night sleeps 6 . If you rent all 3 bedrooms there is also a pull  out couch bed that can sleep 1 or 2 more $25 extra per night.

Continuing scrolling to see descriptions of the fun, educational add-on classes you can take during your stay.  PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR CUSTOM PLANNING AND PRICING FOR YOUR STAY.

 Optional add on classes for children age 5-16

$15.00 per child, per class.  Minimum 2 children Maximum 6 children.



  Sep 18, 2017

“Hi Sherie! Thank you so much for an absolutely lovely stay!!! Everything was so perfect and the hot tub in the evening was the cherry on top! Our only regret was that our stay was so short and we definitely wished we had booked an extra night! The girls had the chance to see the goats in the morning which made their day (they may have grown up in a city �) and hope we didn’t make too much noise in the morning when we left! Thanks again and would definitely recommend your place:) Jess



Farm classes

Poultry Class: hands on learning while cuddling a fuzzy chick. The class includes poultry husbandry, gathering eggs, holding the chicks, and some eggsperiments as well as looking at bird nests and feathers.


Goat Class: Your child will learn all about goat husbandry, bottle feeding kids, learning about processing milk and making cheese.


Sheep Class: Learn all about raising sheep. Lambs should arrive late spring. We raise Kahtadin/St. Crois sheep. We will also learn about wool/fiber and try spinning on a spinning wheel.


Plot to Plate: Take a tour of the garden. Help weed or plant. Harvest some veggies or fruits and taste the difference!

Basic information is taught in each class, but classes are very much child led learning. I look forward to sharing our mini-farm with your family.

Classical Classes

Art Appreciation: Your child will study a great artist and participate in an art project that mimics the style of the artist being studied. Narration and sketching are included in this class.


Nature Notebooks: Nature study with a sketch book. Children spend much of the class outside sketching what the see, A short hike, on our property, is included.


Shakespeare Appreciation: Read and become familiar with the works of the great bard.  Some films will be shown, outdoor’s, weather permitting.  Participate in a reading of selected scenes.  Children should be at least 10 years old.

If you have any questions, please email me ! Thanks!





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