Maplebrook Farm’s English Shepherd
Puppy Application

City: _________________________ State: ____________ Zip:_____________

English Shepherds are a unique and rare breed of farm collie. Primarily a stock dog, the English Shepherd has also traditionally been used for hunting and as a watch dog in addition to being the family pet. Recently there has been a growing interest in the E.S. as an athlete for competitive events such as agility, fly ball and frisbee. Consistency in training and having clear rules and who makes them is the key to arriving at a dog that is a pleasure to own, wonderful family dog and full working farm partner. My goal is to find the best homes for my puppies and I have their best interest at heart. Working homes are preferred, but companion homes will be considered. The questions below will allow me to get to know you and what you are looking for in an English Shepherd. You may return your completed application via email or mail to the address below. Completion of the application does not guarantee that I will have a puppy that meets your needs. No puppies will be placed based on color or sex preferences alone.

Sire and Dam of this litter have been health tested. Both have had OFA hips, MDR1 N/N, Collie eye anomaly, Dam has also been tested for Degenerative \ Myelopathy, Progressive retinal atrophy, progressive rod-cone degeneration – all tested Normal/Clear.

Once your application has been reviewed, we will contact you by phone for a telephone discussion. If I feel your home would be a potential match for a puppy, you will be moved to the serious committed list and the matching will begin.

A $200.00 deposit is required to hold a puppy for you but, I don’t accept deposit until 6 or 7 weeks of age. This will be applied to the price of the puppy which is $750.00. The deposit is non-refundable unless we are unable to match you with an appropriate puppy, then it is fully refundable. If you refuse the puppy you are matched with, the deposit is negotiable depending on how long it takes to make a new match. I will charge a boarding fee of $10.00 per day until a new home is found for your reserved puppy. There may also be a boarding fee of $10.00 per day if you cannot pick up your puppy within 5 days of the 8 week old pick up date. Thank you for understanding.

The balance will be due at time of pick up or prior to shipping.

All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the purchaser. This would include plane ticket, health certificate (required by airlines) and a crate. You may opt to fly out and pick your puppy up, in which case the puppy can fly with you in a carry on bag or crate. This can some times save money in shipping and can be a better trip for the puppy too.

This litter will qualify to be duel registered. I will be responsible to register your puppy with the English Shepherd Club. I will need to know your puppy’s name with a few weeks of ownership to complete the registration. The paperwork will be sent directly to you. I will register the litter with United Kennel Club who has recognized the breed since 1927 and you may register your puppy individually with UKC.

The puppies will have been wormed twice and started their first series of vaccinations. Your puppy will come with a 10 day health guaranty. This guarantees the puppy to be healthy at the time of purchase. I highly recommend that you have your vet give a puppy exam within 10 days of acquiring your puppy. If puppy becomes ill within 10 days and your vet feels the illness was contracted from my place, I will need information showing this from your vet. If this is the case and proof is received, I will reimburse your vet fees or will take the puppy back and replace with a different puppy if available, or provide a full refund of the purchase price if puppy is re-turned within 10 days.

Your puppy comes with a guarantee of satisfaction. If you are not happy with your puppy or can not keep your puppy at any time during it’s life, for any reason, I am to be contacted immediately and I reserve the right to approve any re-homing of the puppy or dog. In the case of an emergency or other life events, you may always return your dog to me to be re-homed as needed.

All puppies are introduced to basic training at 4 weeks old, using positive reinforcement, and limited house training is started as well. They are temperament tested and structure evaluated to help insure successful placement and that they are sound healthy puppies. I take great pride and responsibility in the puppies we raise. I like to hear how your puppy is doing and am available at any time for advice or assistance you may need. If I cannot answer your question, I will try to find someone who can. There is a large support group within the English Shepherd breed community, and I encourage you to become part of it.


Sherie McMullen 253-857-7429
Maplebrook Farm

15508 118th St. KpN

Gig Harbor WA 98329



Maplebrook Farm Puppy Application

Have you owned an English Shepherd before?

If yes, who was it purchased from?


Why did you choose an English Shepherd?


Have you raised a puppy before?


Have you owned other dogs? if yes, what breeds?


What was the end result of prior owned dogs?

Please explain:

What energy level are you looking for in a puppy?

Low – Medium – High.

What attributes of an English Shepherd are most important to you? list all that apply:

Friendly, Calm Companion, Plays ball/Frisbee, Athletic, Obedient, Appearance, Protective, Reserve, Outgoing, Drive. etc.

How do you want your English Shepherd to behave with visitors?

Do you have a preferred sex or color?

Please note puppies are not placed by color preference or sex alone.

What are your plans for this puppy? What will be his/her job?



Do you live in town or in the country? Please describe your property, including any fencing you have.



Do you have a dog kennel or run? If yes, what size?


How much time would the dog or puppy be in the kennel or fenced yard?


Will the puppy be inside the house or outside or both?


Will there be anyone home during the work day?


When no one is home (like a work day) where will puppy be confined?


Who will be the primary caretaker for the puppy?

Do you have any children or grand children? If yes what are their ages?

Have they been around dogs or other animals?

What hobbies or activities do you or your family like to do?



Do you have any other dogs, animals or livestock? (please list)


Are you planning on taking the puppy to a puppy class?

Are you a breeder?

If No, are you considering becoming an ES dog breeder ?


If yes, how long? what breed?


May we contact any or all of the below references?


1. Veterinarian Name: _________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________ Phone:__________________________________________________

2. Personal references
Name: _______________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________ Phone:__________________________________________________

Please provide any other pertinent information you feel we should know regarding your puppy purchase:






Signature: _________________________________________________ date:___________
(typed name accepted if application returned via email)




Sherie McMullen

15508 118th Street Kp N

Gig Harbor, WA 98329




11 Responses to “PUPPY APPLICATION”

    1. Sue Owens Says:

      Hi Maplebrook, I would like to email the puppy application to you – what email address should I send it to? I have several questions and would love to speak to you soon.
      Thanks, Sue Owens

      1. maplebrookfarm English Shepherds Says:

        Hi Sue, I sent you an email but, would be happy to talk to you as well….let me know….sherie

  1. cynthia Says:

    Hi Sherie,
    I got your message. Thanks for returning my call. I printed out the application and it is in the mail. I have lots of questions and am looking forward to speaking with you and visiting your farm. Have a nice vacation.

    Cynthia Whitley

  2. Merel Molund Says:

    Hi Sherie, 9/5/12
    I have been researching English Shepherd for the last 6 ms.and I Iike what I see,I grew up on a farm out of Puyallup.with border collies, unfortunately the A KC recognizing them for “beauty contests ” I would prefer a true breed and to my understanding a E.S. has a off switch as opposed to a B.C. I am the national sales rep for Addiction Pet Foods from New Zealand ,We market unique proteins for pets with allergy problems and has no grains and wild caught proteins,to make a great quality food formulated by a holistic vet in N.Z. I will be able to take my pup to work every day ( just love that idea).I hope it is alright to call you tomorrow 9/6 to discuss the possibility of adding a great and faithful friend to my family. Check our company out -Thanks!

  3. Nick Says:

    Hi Sherie,

    My family and I are seriously considering getting an english shepherd puppy. We live on 10 acres and are slowly working towards making it a small farm. From the research that we have done english shepherds sound like the perfect match for a livestock guardian and family dog. My question though is do you have any litters planned for 2016?

    1. maplebrookfarm English Shepherds Says:

      I emailed you information nicholas.

  4. Penny R Proctor Says:

    Hi Sherie,
    Today I randomly met a lady who bought one of your pups (one year old now). She told me about you and I would love to talk to you about your dogs!
    We live in Olalla on 23 acres and all our dogs have all come to the end of their days. We’d love to have a working dog breed!
    Prefer close to a year old at least if possible,
    Talk soon!

    1. Maplebrook Farm English Shepherds Says:

      Penny and I had a lovely chat today. We found many shared interests. Thanks for reaching out. I’ll keep you in mind should an older ES come across my path. I suggest you contact NESR as well. Sherie

  5. Elizabeth Hoefs Says:

    I am interested in possibly getting a puppy from you, but it will be about a year before I’m able to, should I fill out the application to get a head start, or wait until I’m ready to actually get one?

    1. Maplebrook Farm English Shepherds Says:

      Hi Elizabeth, I would recommend you come out and meet me and my dogs and get your application turned. I’m located in Gig Harbor, WA. You can email me to discuss further. Thanks!

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